Diabetes Prevention – Simple Lifestyle Changes to Keep a Healthy Blood Glucose Level

Diabetes is a disease where the blood sugar level goes up. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce insulin. In Type 2 diabetes the body does not produce sufficient insulin or the insulin is not properly used by the cell to digest the sugar in the blood. However, prevention is possible with slight changes in lifestyle and the blood glucose level can be brought down to normal with simple good habits of living. Exercise and other lifestyle choice can have a positive effect on diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes also suffer from prediabetes which means that they have a high chance of developing it within the next few years.Obesity is a risk factor leading to diabetes.If one is overweight even if you try to reduce by a few kgs, it might reduce the risk to half and prevent diabetes. The person must follow a diet which is low in calorie and fat. Obese people must eat more of fruits and vegetables which can cut the risk by 22% according to a study. Cutting down on high sugar drinks is a must as this simple innocent habit increase the risk by more than 25%.Simple changes in lifestyle to prevent diabetesThe simplest thing would be to get at least 30 minutes exercise every day so that you can achieve a lower weight as exercise has a great beneficial effect on insulin levels and consequently blood sugar levels. TV watching can be reduced as ‘couch potatoes’ are more at risk of having diabetes. Sitting on the sofa to enjoy the latest sitcom is not active at all and people tends to snack as well. Instead one could go out for a walk or do a dance or just play around with the children or grandchildren.Diabetes prevention for high risk groupsPeople with a history of diabetes in the family, or a gestational diabetes baby, an overweight baby, persons with high blood pressure or those with a history of heart problems are at increased risk and must definitely make simple lifestyle changes in order to prevent diabetes. If one has been diagnosed for prediabetes, it is a clear warning that action must be taken soon. If you have a fasting blood sugar level of 126, it means you have diabetes. Others have less than 100 which is normal. Those who are in between have prediabetes and are at risk. The most recommended way in this case could be doing some simple exercises like walking thirty minutes daily. Even a 5 % weight reduction can drastically reduce diabetes risk and act as a preventive measure.Simple Tests that can be taken to prevent diabetesAdditionally, one can take tests such as fasting plasma glucose test on an empty stomach or an oral glucose tolerance test which compares the blood taken on fasting with blood after a sugary drink has been given to you. This could be the first step for preventing type 2 diabetes.ConclusionDiabetes results when the blood sugar level goes up due to lack of insulin for improper insulin functioning. However, the good news is that it can be cured with simple lifestyle changes and by leading a healthy life.

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