Luxury Real Estate Marketing – 5 Fundamentals for Success

Luxury real estate marketing calls for a unique approach. There’s more at stake financially, which leads to a longer sales process. On top of that, the average buyer of luxury real estate is well educated, Internet-savvy and detail-minded.Combine all of these factors, and you can see the need for a unique marketing approach. Here are five fundamentals for success in luxury real estate marketing.1. Lead CaptureOne client in a hundred will call you and say, “I’m ready to buy. Where do I sign up?” The other 99% of the time, the process starts with a lead and escalates through a series of touches. But without a good lead-capturing system in place, the process is doomed from the start.All of your marketing efforts should revolve around a central database. All marketing channels should also have a lead-capturing mechanism in place. Phone calls should be logged and added to the database. Same goes for walk-ins and emails. Internet leads should be collected and organized.To really maximize your leads, you should incorporate information-request forms in strategic locations throughout your website. This encourages customers to request additional information via the web, at their convenience. Ideally, these submissions would be added to your database automatically, or would at least go into a queue for later review.Make it a top priority to build lead capture into all aspects of your real estate marketing program. Without lead capture, you have no leads. Without leads, you have no business.2. Lead ManagementLead management is just as important as lead capture. Lead management refers to the process of recording, categorizing, and taking action on a lead. It’s what converts leads into prospects, and prospects into clients.Lead management should be a “no-brainer” for you. If the process is difficult or cumbersome, you’ll be less likely to adhere to it. At a minimum, your lead-management program should allow you to capture leads in a database, organize them by pre-determined criteria, and update them accordingly as a person moves through the sales process.When setting up your lead-management system, you first need to determine your ideal sales process. How many touches do you want to make for each client? How do you want to categorize them based on purchasing timeframe or other factors? How will you track it all? A good lead-management program should address and simplify each of these things.3. The Polish FactorWe’ve talked about the technical side of lead capture and management. Now let’s talk about the customer-facing, aesthetic aspects of your marketing program. Let’s talk about polish!When people shop for and purchase high-end, luxury real estate, they expect certain things. They expect the sales office to be fancier than an “average real estate” office. They expect more personal treatment and finesse from their sales agent. And they expect marketing collateral with a lot of polish.Your website, brochures and sales sheets are a direct reflection of your company, and your company directly reflects your product. People want a luxury home built with the utmost care and attention to detail. They want a home that makes them say, “Wow.” Your marketing materials need to reflect this, especially when they’re the first impression you make.4. Online VisibilityPeople shop for real estate online before doing it any other way. It’s an inescapable fact of modern real estate marketing. Statistics from a couple of year ago claimed that 84% of home buyers used the Internet for research. Today, I would imagine the number is closer to 90%.Now here’s something else to consider. If 90% of your audience is looking for luxury real estate properties online, but they can’t find your website … where does that leave you in terms of competitiveness?In the future, real estate companies will sink or swim in large part due to their search engine visibility. So when building your marketing program, be sure you add search engine optimization (SEO) into the mix. Ask your marketing provider if they offer SEO services. If they don’t, you’ll need to find them elsewhere. Otherwise, you’re letting a world of web surfers pass you by.5. Total IntegrationAnother thing to realize about marketing luxury real estate is that a single channel can rarely deliver success. Maximum results occur when several marketing channels work together in harmony, complementing and reinforcing one another.An example of this might be a direct mail piece that leads to a landing page on your website. The landing page has an information-request form, which triggers a confirmation email (and, ultimately, a sales process and continued dialogue).When multiple marketing channels work together as one, they dramatically increase the number of ways people can find you, talk to you, and purchase from you.* You may republish this article online if you retain the active hyperlinks below.

Culinary Arts Education – Getting a Degree in Less Than Two Years

Culinary Arts can be a very exciting career, but before deciding on furthering your education you may want to step back and consider exactly what it is that you want to do in the food industry. Many job opportunities don’t necessary require an education pass high school or an equivalent diploma. Short order cooks, fry cooks and even food preps often simply require on the job training. It is usually chefs, nutritionists, food managers, and those who truly envision food preparation as a form of art who will need to further their education into culinary arts.A degree in culinary arts can usually be obtained in two years or less. The first part is obtaining your culinary chef certification and from there you can get your AOS degree. (Associate of Occupational Studies) Those who get the culinary chef certification but not their AOS degree are more often than not limiting themselves to being a sous-chef at best. It is with the AOS degree that you open the doors to so many carrier paths. On-line degrees are not recommended for culinary arts as working with foods is more of a hands on task. It’s important to be able to see, smell and taste as you are learning. A good palate is very often a chef’s best friend.The nice thing about obtaining a degree in culinary arts is that you aren’t limiting yourself to only being a chef. If you’ve gotten your degree and started working in a five star restaurant, what happens if you find cooking simply isn’t for you? There are a variety of other career paths that you can choose from! You can work in restaurant management, as a nutritionist, you can teach others the art of cooking, you could become a food critic for newspapers and magazines, and you could even become a food stylist and photograph all that yummy goodness you see in magazines!There may be some of you who know you aren’t interested in becoming a chef or want any type of career where food is involved. Maybe you want to learn to cook different meals for your family or learn how to incorporate more nutritious food into your daily menu. We don’t all need to want to become a chef in order to want to cook our family good nutritious meals they will enjoy. There are also a wide variety of ways for you to learn as well. You can find a local cooking class, recipe swaps, even cooking school getaways for you and your spouse.We are living in a time where chefs are no longer tucked back away in a kitchen never to be seen. Chefs are, in fact, more recognized today than ever. Just recently one of the contestants from Hell’s Kitchen moved into a neighboring town where I live. Overnight he has made what once was a place where only the young went to enjoy their spirits a restaurant that has people waiting in lines to grab a table. If cooking is your passion, furthering your education is the key to success. Aim high and enjoy every bite.

Diabetes Prevention – Simple Lifestyle Changes to Keep a Healthy Blood Glucose Level

Diabetes is a disease where the blood sugar level goes up. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce insulin. In Type 2 diabetes the body does not produce sufficient insulin or the insulin is not properly used by the cell to digest the sugar in the blood. However, prevention is possible with slight changes in lifestyle and the blood glucose level can be brought down to normal with simple good habits of living. Exercise and other lifestyle choice can have a positive effect on diabetes. Many people with type 2 diabetes also suffer from prediabetes which means that they have a high chance of developing it within the next few years.Obesity is a risk factor leading to diabetes.If one is overweight even if you try to reduce by a few kgs, it might reduce the risk to half and prevent diabetes. The person must follow a diet which is low in calorie and fat. Obese people must eat more of fruits and vegetables which can cut the risk by 22% according to a study. Cutting down on high sugar drinks is a must as this simple innocent habit increase the risk by more than 25%.Simple changes in lifestyle to prevent diabetesThe simplest thing would be to get at least 30 minutes exercise every day so that you can achieve a lower weight as exercise has a great beneficial effect on insulin levels and consequently blood sugar levels. TV watching can be reduced as ‘couch potatoes’ are more at risk of having diabetes. Sitting on the sofa to enjoy the latest sitcom is not active at all and people tends to snack as well. Instead one could go out for a walk or do a dance or just play around with the children or grandchildren.Diabetes prevention for high risk groupsPeople with a history of diabetes in the family, or a gestational diabetes baby, an overweight baby, persons with high blood pressure or those with a history of heart problems are at increased risk and must definitely make simple lifestyle changes in order to prevent diabetes. If one has been diagnosed for prediabetes, it is a clear warning that action must be taken soon. If you have a fasting blood sugar level of 126, it means you have diabetes. Others have less than 100 which is normal. Those who are in between have prediabetes and are at risk. The most recommended way in this case could be doing some simple exercises like walking thirty minutes daily. Even a 5 % weight reduction can drastically reduce diabetes risk and act as a preventive measure.Simple Tests that can be taken to prevent diabetesAdditionally, one can take tests such as fasting plasma glucose test on an empty stomach or an oral glucose tolerance test which compares the blood taken on fasting with blood after a sugary drink has been given to you. This could be the first step for preventing type 2 diabetes.ConclusionDiabetes results when the blood sugar level goes up due to lack of insulin for improper insulin functioning. However, the good news is that it can be cured with simple lifestyle changes and by leading a healthy life.